by Sandglitch (lm4566)

ages 12+

Rules Overview

Order of play is decided randomly at the beginning of the game via a card draw, each player draws a card and based on the color they advance in the order red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, (ROYGBP). If two players have the same color, twos beat ones, if their numbers are also equal, rock-paper-scissors.

After order of play is established, the deck is reshuffled and each player draws three cards. They can choose to play a single card from their hand to advance as per the normal rules of candyland and draw a new card to replace it. When a player is about to pass a location/signpost space they have to battle the Ruler of that domain (Nanna Nut, Mr. Mint, etc). Each enemy has a set of color slots representing their ‘level’ based on how early you encounter them (see combat rules for slot numbers). If you land on or pass the square marked by their symbol you must battle them, unless you have a card marked with their symbol, in which case you can ‘forge an alliance’ and continue without battling.

When you win the battle you ‘level up’ and gain a card-slot which expands your hand by 1 card and allows you to draw another card per turn. This is unless you ‘forged an alliance’ instead of battling via a 'place-card,' in which case you do not gain the slot. The first to defeat King Candy wins and ends the game.

Combat Rules

Combat begins when a player lands on the space belonging to that particular ruler. Each ruler has a label which indicates what color-value that slot is based on its placement in the ROYGBP spectrum (red lowest, purple highest). In order to defeat this enemy you must draw cards that either equal or beat each slot value, ruler/place cards beat any slot value by invoking your alliance. If you play that card you must discard it. Double-space cards can count for two slots. The player stays in the battle drawing and playing cards until they win. In order to draw a card they must have a card-slot open. Slots open when a player plays or discards a card. Two players can be battling the same Ruler simultaneously but both must beat them individually before they can pass and can’t help the other out. At the end of the combat, all played and discarded cards are shuffled back into the deck and the winning player(s) gain(s) a card-slot.

These rules differ for two Rulers, Lord Licorice (The Usurper!) and King Candy.

Lord Licorice is your antagonist! When you land on his space you have a choice; lose a slot and continue to advance drawing a new card, lose your turn, or fight him and gain a slot. In between encounters he too levels up, so when you encounter him the second time by landing on the second space, he is stronger. When you reach King Candy, King Candy is impressed by your exploits and is assured that with your aid he would be safe from Lord Licorice and gives you immortality without a fight.

Enemy — Slots

1.Mr. Mint — 3:Red, Orange, Yellow. When defeated: gain 1 slot.

2.Gum Drop — 3: Green, Blue, Purple. When defeated: gain 1 slot.

3.Lolli — 4: Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. When defeated: gain 1 slot.

4.Queen Frost — 6: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. When defeated:gain 1 slot.

Lord Licorice

1st encounter — 4: Yellow x4

2nd encounter — 5: Green x5

3rd encounter — 6: Blue x6

Example Battle. Gingerbread Tree.

The Gingerbread Tree has a slot value of 3. It has a red slot, an orange slot, and a yellow slot.

In order to defeat the Tree, the player must defeat each of these slots by drawing a card equal to or higher on the spectrum hierarchy.

If the player draws a one-yellow or one-green then the player can defeat the yellow slot. If the player draws a two-yellow or two-green than a player can defeat that slot and one additional slot of lesser value by playing just the one card.

RPG variant.

This version of the game will take longer than 10 minutes to play. The game becomes cooperative and playabe by up to 5 or more people if you have enough gingerbread persons. Each of the enemies/rulers slot-level is increased by double. In addition, one player ceases to be a player and takes on the CM (Candy Master) role and draws randomly on behalf of rulers as if they were players and helps to lead by example in the role-play department through creating personas and motivations for the rulers.